BIM360 Glue

BIM360 Glue

BIM360 Glue

I probably missed this one…but Glue allows you to use it as a viewer for NWD files.

BIM360 Glue

The BIM 360 Glue mobile app, optimized for working with BIM 360 Glue projects, can also be used as a viewer for Autodesk® Navisworks® NWD models. Transfer NWD models directly to the app via iTunes, or use the iOS “Open In” feature to open NWD files directlyfrom Autodesk products, including Buzzsaw and Constructware, or third party document management solutions. When using the app as an NWD viewer, the app user will not benefit from markup functionality or automatic model updates.

Try this, assuming you have an ipad.

  1. Download & install Glue (link below) on your ipad
  2. Get yourself an Autodesk ID account
  3. Write out an NWD file in Navisworks
  4. Save the file to dropbox, Box or skydrive on your desktop PC
  5. Install dropbox, Box or skydrive on your ipad, what ever cloud storage you prefer
  6. The on your ipad, login to your cloud storage, locate the NWD file you saved & choose the “Open In” another app feature & choose the Glue icon.
  7. You are then good to go….

Give it a go yourself, you can download Glue from the iTunes store.

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