curtain panel windows, pots and planting

Curtain Wall Mullion Types

Curtain Wall Mullion Types

This blog entry will focus on the different Curtain Wall Mullion Types we have access to in the default Revit program. Additional to the Rectangular and Circular curtain wall mullions, we also have access to different types of Corner mullions, namely:

– L Corner Mullion
– Quad Corner Mullion
– Trapezoid Corner Mullion
– V Corner Mullion

curtain wall mullions


I have created a very simple greenhouse using sloped glazing for the roof. V Corner Mullions were applied to the roof ridges.

greenhouse using sloped glazing for the roof


As always, one tends to get diverted when playing around with Revit. I aimed to create a very short introduction to the different types of mullions, and ended up adding parametric open able curtain panel windows, pots and planting. Such is life.

curtain panel windows, pots and planting



curtain panel windows, pots and planting

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