Energy Companies and BIM: Battery is included

Energy Companies and BIM: Battery is included

Energy Companies and BIM: Battery is included

Energy Companies and BIM: Battery is included

Whilst details still remain undisclosed, the potential for disruption to the energy industry is huge.

Solar and wind power offer a renewable alternative to our dependence upon oil and gas but alone are not a source of fuel 24/7. However, add in a battery large enough to store energy for a number of days and suddenly they may become a viable option.

The future role of utility companies

When people can generate and store their own electricity, what will be the role of a utility company? When energy can be ‘harvested’ and stored locally, what will be the role of large power plants with extensive distribution networks?

Understanding their assets

When faced with these challenges, Energy companies will to need to understand precisely what assets they have across their entire portfolio. They’re going to need to be able to combine this data with external sources of information such as historical weather data (hours of sunshine, strength of wind, etc.). Copied from Paul Baguley Blog.

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