How MEP BIM Services are useful for better Construction?

MEP stands for Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing, and together with BIM, which is basically the process to check if the MEP works fine in a given construction.

MEP BIM services are basically for engineers, building owners, architects etc.. to see if the MEP aspects of a construction so that they can get a clear perception of these aspects and go about developing the construction and find out any faulty construction or collision in these, thus giving in to a secure, better and error-free system.


What are the MEP BIM services composed of?

  • Revit MEP drafting
  • Revit MEP Coordination
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Conversion of 2D design drawings to 3D models
  • 3D BIM to 4D for scheduling and to 5D for costing
  • Coordination among various MEP trades
  • Fabrication & Shop Drawings
  • Builders work drawings
  • Collision detection
  • Parametric modeling and library creation of HVAC and MEP components
  • Extraction of Project Information
  • Construction Documents

All the processes and services mentioned are sub categories of MEP BIM services and are used to construct a perfect error free mechanical/electrical/plumbing system for your building which ensures maximum longevity for the construction.

Why go for MEP BIM services?

When you are constructing a building, it is very much essential to get a clear view of it as you want it to be. That’s why; a clear prototype of your concept is needed.

You can get a dynamic view and have a virtual tour of the architecture, but when it comes to the MEP, you are at a fix because you can’t tour it. It’s like a vast machine which has to be simulated to see how it works. That’s why MEP BIM services are needed.

These services enable you to construct a prototype of the MEP aspects of your construction and thus, you can have a clear view of it and their working processes. This helps you get a better idea of how things are going to turn out and so, you can then go for further changes as required and which ensure maximum smooth flow of the processes without any further trouble.

In short, MEP BIM services enable you to have an error-free system of MEP aspects.

How can you benefit from MEP BIM services?

  • It is a cost effective process to have perfection in the mechanical/electrical and plumbing aspects of your construction. It saves your time for construction of the actual model as well.
  • A detailed insight into the systems helps you to create a better model of the system, and so you can go for a better concept and its prototype.
  • Developing the system utilizes a better interaction among the different aspects of the systems, like the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical aspects of a building which are interrelated.
  • You can go for error-free processes only when you understand the system completely, which MEP BIM services enables you to have.

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