Increase precast construction productivity with PhoenixEOS

Increase precast construction productivity with PhoenixEOS

Increase precast construction productivity

PhoenixEOS for Precast Fabrication

The wealth of information in a highly detailed, constructable PhoenixEOS model boosts the precast construction process. With the model information, you can increase productivity, minimize errors and waste and improve planning, collaboration and communication between the project parties.

Join our organization, see the latest developments of PhoenixEOS Structures and learn how to benefit from model information throughout the precast fabrication workflow.

Contact us now and see how to:

  • Add value to sales and tendering phase
  • Utilize model information in production planning
  • Apply model information to production automation
  • Produce cast-unit drawings efficiently from the model
  • Manage statuses and coordinate with the model

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What We Area?

PhoenixEOS is the combined solutions provider working on parallel lines of engineering and architecture. Based in India, PhoenixEOS majorly works with offshore clients due to the benefits of their mandatory needs in building and architecture solutions. Phoenix is a one stop solution for CADD Services with specialized services involving all kinds of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services in 2D, 3D and 4D formats. BIM is mandatory in most of the countries of the world like the U.S, Europe, Australia, among others. In India, it is in nascent stage. This means we are a pioneering company working as a bridge between your project blueprints to actual building. Phoenix team has worked internationally with big projects and is bringing this niche concept to India. We provide different types of services that involve both digital and print output for your ease. We have the cutting edge technology required for modern day needs with all required infrastructure in a spacious place. Our highly compatible and experienced team can handle all the amalgamated design and details solutions processes extremely well. With every project done successfully, we have built an enormous trust in our clients. Our work culture is a perfect fusion of experience, expertise and capabilities.

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