Revit 2016 What’s new

Revit 2016 What’s new

It’s been a few weeks now that Revit 2016 has come out, so what is new in this release?

  • Open a Sheet from a view-From the Project browser you can now open the sheet on which a view is placed. An Open Sheet option has been added to the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a view in the Project Browser. This options allows you to quickly access the sheet on which the view is placed.
  • Navigating the Property browser– One annoying bug that has plagued property browser is that sometimes when you are scrolling down the property browser it pops you back up to the top of the browsers, well it looks like that has bee fixed in the 2016 version of Revit.
  • Thin Line Weight Enhancement-Maintain line weight settings when you open Revit.
  • Rendering – The rendering engine has been changed again in this version.
  • Revision Enhancements -There is now more control of the revision numbering.
  • Selection Boxes– Now we can select an object and then isolate it in a 3d view with the section box being automatically created.
  • Select host– Now when you select an object you can find out what the object is hosted to. In most cases it is pretty obvious to understand what an object is hosted to. When I see this might become useful is understanding what object a keynote is hosted too especially when you use User Keynotes.
  • Navigate During Redraw– Allows smoother panning.
  • IFC Links and Rooms– Defining Room boundry from IFC elements.
  • Rotate Project North-When rotating project north the annotation elements rotate as well.
  • Energy Analyses Enhancements-Analysing your model has gotten better with Revit 2016 and I think it will continue to get better, you should also keep an eye on the Building Performance Analysis blog, as they are promising to show off more of the capabilities of this enhancement to Revit.
  • Automatic place Room– There is now a button to place automatically place rooms in the model. This may save time placing rooms, but you will still have to go back and name the rooms appropriately
  • Addition Content– It looks like Autodesk has given us some more content with the latest release of Revit. There are some additional doors. I probably won’t use them but there is more content.See Revit OpEd for a in-depth explanation of the door content.
  • Searching the content of the Model-Looking for content for the model has be made a little easier. Now when you are in a long list of items you can now start type some of the title of the content and the list of content will shorten to show just the content that contains the data you typed in. Reference Revit 2016 What’s new by Mathew Miller.

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