BIM Coordination Services

BIM coordination services, which becomes an important design criterion for all modern constructional projects. It not only provides better collaboration within the design domain but also helps get an accurate digital representation of structural or constructional projects. BIM coordination is a process in Building Information Modeling (BIM), which helps coordinate different elements of the design like structural, architectural, plumbing, mechanical also in other fields. BIM coordination services ensures that they all fit together by complimenting each other.

Different stages included in BIM coordination services

  • Data collection: Our team collects required data including specification and inputs from the clients.
  • Idea development: Different innovative ideas about how to begin the project in a user friendly manner is developed by thoroughly analysing the data provided by the clients.
  • Management: The team of long experienced professional engineers is formed to work on the project.
  • Coordination: Team creates required designs with the help of software.
  • Data presentation: Finally the clients receives the high quality output.

Advantages of BIM coordination services

BIM coordination services help designers analyse a design in detail and identify human errors easily. Various BIM software applications like Navisworks, Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD etc. are involved in this process.

See some of the main benefits of BIM coordination services.

  • First of all it help save time and money, as a result it saves product life cycle time and cost of construction.
  • As a result decrease levels of human errors.
  • The detailed computer visualisation of all parts of the product makes any conflict or clashing in design easily accessible.
  • It ensures streamlined workflow of high quality and in a consistent manner.

Why you select Phoenix Engineering Outsourcing Services for BIM coordination service

  • You can communicate BIM coordination requirements to us clearly.
  • We outline a coordination schedule based on complexity of the project.
  • We create a level of detail plan.
  • You can access the skills and experience of our professional staff.
  • Our proven best practices manage on-going coordination efficiently, furthermore we accurately measure issues and progress
  • Our Cost effective also quality and timely delivery BIM coordination Service.
  • We possess highly skilled, properly trained and well experienced BIM coordinators.


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