Can I get a witness? Autodesk to testify in Washington

Can I get a witness? Autodesk to testify in Washington


National leaders look to Autodesk Construction team for support and testimony

In just a few days, our very own Stacy Scopano, Sr. Industry Manager, Building Construction, will meet with members of the National Institute of Building Sciences (or NIBS as those in the know like to say).

The hearing, which is being sponsored by Autodesk and supported by the International Code Council, will provide an opportunity for project stakeholders from the planning, design, construction, operations, ownership, and other segments of the U.S. building industry to speak about the productivity and workforce challenges they face and offer potential solutions.

Building momentum

Autodesk’s involvement at the hearing came at the direct request of Ryan Colker, President Barack Obama’s Construction Advisor. Ryan and Stacy both serve on the Board of Directors for the NIBS Offsite Construction Council. Our participation ties in nicely with our overarching thought leadership efforts. Earlier in the year Stacy and colleagues on the construction marketing team helped to draft a survey that drove the publication of the well-received Economist report “Rethinking productivity across the construction industry: The challenge of change.”

To find out more about the NIBS hearing or read about the Off-site Construction Council visit the NIBS home page, or clickhere to read the Economist report. Reference Can I get a witness? Autodesk to testify in Washington by  Julie Jacobson.

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