Tag: Benefits of GIS for Oil & Gas industry

Benefits of GIS for Oil & Gas industry

Benefits of GIS for Oil & Gas industry

Benefits of GIS for Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas industry known for its indulgence in technology, has been using GIS for many purposes related to planning, strategy and decision making. A fully integrated GIS system has benefits not just in terms of cost saving but a better preparedness for future planning and potential hazards. We have listed down some important benefits of GIS in Oil & Gas industry, feel free to comment and add.  

• Data visualization maps  
Data in the form of digital maps reduce the work time for Oil & Gas companies. Such maps help improve operational efficiency and better coordination in day to day operations. 

• Site monitoring through flying sensors
To plan a major change and to oversee a particular site, flying sensors are deployed nowadays. The survey gets you updated information and visuals of the site to check the development.

• Pipe line routing & monitoring
In the capital intensive Oil & Gas industry, finding the least expensive and environment friendly route for pipe lines is very important. GIS goes a long way in helping decide the optimum route. 

• Tracking of mobile assets like ships, vehicles and boats
In order to save time and achieve effective operational coordination and efficiency, tracking of movable assets for Oil & Gas firms becomes essential. GIS is useful in tracking these assets.  

• Emergency response
In the wake of an unfortunate oil spill/explosion/accident of any nature, rescue plans and disaster mitigation efforts get the boost of GIS for more effective coordination and efforts.

• Land management
Attributes stored in GIS allow the companies to maintain all the land management data, which helps in generating reports for audit and compliance.

• Environmental monitoring
To accurately monitor environment development and changes is very important, consideration of such changes in decision making process helps avoid potential disaster. Monitoring gradual changes can help the industry in determining measures to overcome future challenges and ensure business continuity.