Marry Christmas to all Reviters

Marry Christmas to all Reviters

Marry Christmas

This has been an interesting year.
Working with PhoenixEOS and teaching at the Revit Technology Conference was an exciting adventure. Traveling to Vancouver was awesome time. I got to meet some people I’d only communicated with through emails or online, Philip Miller of Kiwi Codes was one of them.

Going to Autodesk University(AU) was definitely different this year. How I got to AU was interesting and sitting and doing filming the video’s was an experience. I learned some things at Autodesk is doing, that is both exciting and frustrating. Not real pleased with the new AU website after AU, but we will see how continuing learning from AU will go through 2014 using the cumbersome website goes.

For now it’s off to a Disney cruse with the kido’s.  I hope every one has a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Disney cruse

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