Open BIM

Open BIM

Open BIM

One of the most important battlegrounds in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) revolution will be around file formats.

Open BIM

There will be companies who’ll want to sell you their proprietary file formats and lock you in to using their tools. You can see why too. The prize is that you’ll have to pay for their software for the lifetime of your asset.

The only sensible course of action is to ensure that your virtual assets are stored in an open file format that can be read today and at any time in the future.

A lesson from history

Back in 1996 we used to search the Internet with a search engine called AltaVista. That was until a fledgling company called Google emerged in 1998 and changed everything.

What happened to AltaVista? They were bought by Yahoo! and the search engine was finally shut down in 2013.

What does this have to do with BIM?

AltaVista lasted less than 17 years and serves as a warning to any organisation that is dependent on software to open and view proprietary file formats.

35 years is a very long time in software. 35 years ago, the leading 2D/3D CAD companies of today didn’t exist. Will they still be here in 35 years’ time?

Always have access to your virtual assets

The aim of BIM is to save money across the lifetime of the asset. The virtual representation of the physical asset is a critical component of BIM and if you can’t access the virtual asset it will cost your organisation money.

When evaluating the tools for BIM you should make sure to select ones that eliminate this risk entirely.

Choosing the best tools for the job

Do you want to be free to select the best tool for the job now? Do you still want to be able to select the best tool for the job in 35 years time?

If you’re locked into a single vendor’s tools then you won’t have the best tools for the job – you’ll have theonly tools that you can use for the job.

And, choosing the best tool now shouldn’t prevent you from choosing the best tool later.

Choose open, choose IFC

This is why at Business Collaborator we have fully committed to supporting the Open IFC file format.

The IFC file format captures both geometry and data whilst being an open standard that any organisation can develop for.

Do you want to choose a proprietary file format for BIM and have your IT policy for the next 35 years dictated to you by a single vendor who may not be around for the lifetime of the asset?

Or do you want to choose the open IFC file format and and be in control of your destiny? Copied from Paul Baguley Blog.

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