SALE Booster for Indian Real Estate – 3D VISUALIZATION

SALE Booster for Indian Real Estate – 3D VISUALIZATION

SALE Booster for Indian Real Estate – 3D VISUALIZATION

Despite of the festive season in India , the real estate market in India still seems not to be attracting potential buyers for commercial and residential properties , as it was expected earlier that this festive season will be the booster for sales in real estate market , the buyers somehow don’t seem to take much interest in real estate industry.

What can be done to make Real Estate Market more attractive?

“The world is moving towards new age marketing, where referrals, word-of-mouth and visualization  are becoming very critical for brand building and sustaining growth.This is reason why digital and social media are extremely relevant for real estate marketers, as they help them engage with prospective buyers and build confidence in their brand.Realty firms spend about ₹2,500 crore every year on publicity across different media and digital marketing accounts” and the next step in digital marketing is towards 3D visualization and rendering.

Industry watchers say that the shift to digital media is also helping developers cut costs by 10-15 per cent and compared with traditional marketing, which was either through newspaper advertisements or billboards, digital advertisements are far cheaper and have a longer shelf life.

What do we need 3D Rendering and Visualization ?

Architectural 3D Visualizationis proven best tool of property marketing even before you built up anything, Expert 3D Designers has the skill of 3D visualization which convert your imagination in the form of 3D walk through and Rendering Design. Real Estate Developers and Real Estate Agents-Brokers can not only use 3D architectural visualization to promote their projects but it provides support in various execution phases of a project. Some uses that 3D architectural Visualization and rendering can be put to are following

  •  As Property Marketing Tool – Architectural 3D Walkthrough Presentation and 3D Rendering Image work perfectly because you can use this tool online also. You can spread you Architectural 3D Presentation via CD-DVD and online through Email. You can upload your 3D presentation on Video Sharing website like youtube ,metacafe and many other video submission websites. This would be the best way to attract your potential property buyers.​
  • To have an Architectural 3D Presentation – It would be among Interior 3D Presentation and Exterior 3D Presentation or Both, you just need to provide some basic information to rendering studio which is going to provide the 3D Presentation like.
  •  For Interior 3D Design-  you will be required to send Interior details like Texture, Colors, and few Photographs of Furniture, along with Floor Plan of the Building and few other required things.

For Exterior 3D Design :you be will require to send the photographs of surroundings, Site Plan and Elevation, the Structure of the Building etc.

Except the Interior 3D Design and Exterior 3D Design there are more property marketing tools.

1. Architectural 3D Rendering (Interior / Exterior )

2. Architectural illustrations

3. Architectural 3D Walkthrough (3D Presentation – Includes Interior-Exterior)

4. Architectural 3D Flythrough (3D Presentation which Includes Overview of the Property Exterior)

5. 3D Floor Plan

6. Photomontage & Mood shots

Reference Geoshot for know more then contact us.