Understanding when BIM Isn’t BIM

Understanding when BIM Isn’t BIM

Understanding when BIM Isn’t BIM

Understanding when BIM Isn’t BIM

Top 3 reasons why data-rich designs are not BIM alone

Here at Business Collaborator we have long maintained that the most beneficial element of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the ‘information’. Without it, BIM is just BM, ‘Basically Meaningless’, as our Chief Technology Officer Stephen Crompton once remarked.

And it’s a point we continue to reference, because several in the BIM software industry have excelled in convincing us that we already have the tools to implement (the mandated) Level 2 BIM. The reality is typically very different. There are undoubtedly some excellent products for producing 3D, data-rich designs, but here are our top three reasons why this kind of capability alone is not BIM:

 1. BIM is a process

BIM is a collaborative process of building a digital representation of a physical asset which can be used to make lifecycle decisions about that asset.

 2. BIM requires collaboration

BIM requires contribution, often from hundreds, maybe thousands in the lifecycle supply chain (suppliers, manufacturers, installers and so on). Having one designer input others’ information into a single file, or having others add information individually into a single, large file, does not support such a process.

At the recent Digital Construction Show in London, Stephen Crompton suggested in a panel discussion entitled ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of True Industry Wide Collaboration’ that “If you’re pushing away standards and a common language then by definition you’re not collaborating”. BIM is about ‘Open Shareable Asset Information’.

 3. BIM is about information management

At its heart, Level 2 BIM is about better information management, through adherence to standards and quality procedures. This is not what proprietary software that typically locks you in to its own format and focusses on 3D models and design alone delivers. Open, linked data allows BIM to flourish, capturing a complete digital representation of an asset for successful operation throughout its lifecycle.

Business Collaborator’s BIM platform enables information management, BIM process management and the rendering of that shared, open linked data into 3D models using your browser. It does not lock you in – it frees you to meet the Level 2 BIM 2016 mandate and beyond, and allows true lifecycle management of asset information. Copied from Paul Baguley Blog.

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